Solar Electric for Commercial Applications

Large electrical bills are just one of the costs of doing business for many companies in Missouri or Arkansas, but there’s an easy way to cut those costs significantly: a commercial solar system. As the prices of solar equipment have steadily declined over the last few decades, investing in solar now makes more sense financially for businesses of all sizes.

At Solera Energy, we are the leading installers of commercial and residential solar in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. We can design and build a commercial solar system that dramatically reduces your energy costs while making your business more profitable. Our company has over a decade of commercial solar experience, and we feature some of the most talented installers, electricians, and support staff in the industry. All of our projects are customized to meet the needs of our clients, and we feature unmatched excellence, integrity, and attention to detail.

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Rooftop Solar for Missouri Businesses

Solar panels on top of a commercial building

Adding solar to your commercial building in Missouri or Northwest Arkansas is often as easy as utilizing existing roof space. Our team can design a flat roof commercial solar PV system that powers large portions of your business without interfering with current rooftop utilities like heating, air conditioning, ventilation, or communications systems.

Our solar systems can be sized to meet some or virtually all of the electrical demand for your facility, minimizing the amount of power you need to draw from the utility grid. Not only does this reduce your energy costs, but it makes your business more self-sustainable.

Would you like to cut costs, save energy, and make your business more energy-independent? Find out how much money your business can save with a commercial solar system from Solera Energy by calling (866) 346-2009.

Solar Carports in Missouri & Arkansas

Solar panels installed over cars in a dealership parking lot

Every business needs parking for employees, customers, and visitors, but what if that space could do double duty? A commercial solar carport can generate large amounts of green electricity for your business while providing a convenient, attractive place to park that offers extra protection from rain, hail, UV damage, and more. Solar carports can also help to power electric vehicle chargers that provide customers and staff with a convenient place to top up EV batteries.

Ground Mount Commercial Solar Installations

Rooftop solar is not always practical or possible for your business, depending on your property type and location. If your business does not have enough roof space, it’s facing the wrong direction, or its structure is not sufficient to support the added weight, a ground-mount solar array may be the best option. Our team at Solera Energy offers commercial ground mount solar installations for individual businesses and industrial facilities, as well as large commercial utility-scale solar installations. No matter the size of your project, we can help you get it completed and approved.

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Commercial Energy Storage Systems

No business likes downtime, especially during storms, natural disasters, or power outages, when they can provide essential services for their customers. Keep your business running smoothly even when the power is out with a commercial solar battery system from Solera Energy. We can design an energy storage system that provides your facility with reliable, safe backup power while making your business less dependent on the utility grid.

To learn more about our commercial energy storage systems, call [site_info_phoen_number] or reach out online.

Choose Commercial Solar & Energy Storage From Solera Energy

Row of solar panels in field

Are you ready to make your business’s power systems more resilient while cutting your energy costs? Contact our team at Solera Energy to learn if a commercial solar installation is the right solution for your energy needs. As the largest provider of solar panels for businesses in the area, we offer top-quality solar installations. Our team can also make your solar energy investment as lucrative as possible by helping you find local, state, and federal incentives that maximize your returns.

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