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Installing Solar Panels on a Flat Roof

After hours of research and crunching the numbers, you’ve finally decided that a solar system is suitable for your home. But there’s one last question before you make your final decision: Can you install solar panels on a flat roof? You may have heard that solar panels must rest at an angle to catch the rays, but that’s not true. You can install solar panels on your flat roof if you consider a few things.

Minimal Drawbacks

There are three main things to think about when considering solar panel installation on a flat roof.

  1. Dirt and debris: Since the panels will be flat, they will collect dirt more easily, and it builds up more quickly than with angled panels. Over time, dirt hinders the production of the panels.
  2. Sun access: As the sun moves east to west, its path will always be through the southern sky. Flat panels don’t get as much sun-facing time as those tilted southward.
  3. Warranty woes: Be sure that laying panels flat will not void the warranty. It will for some manufacturers because water doesn’t drain from the space between the frame and coating, which can risk damage.  

The Angled Advantage

Luckily, the issues above are only real problems when placing the panels flat on a flat surface. The answer is to place the panels at an angle on the roof, even if that angle is just a couple of degrees. Angled mounts will help maximize sun exposure, ensure water drains properly, and is much more likely to be covered under manufacturer warranty. Additionally, it doesn’t cost much more than the mounts used on a typical angled roof. 

While you might spend a bit more on hardware to get the right angle, more straightforward installation for the workers has the advantage. Since they don’t need the specialized safety equipment necessary to install on a pitched roof, the process is typically faster and can save you money on labor. 

Find a Solution in Solera Energy

If you’re ready to get started with installing solar panels on your flat roof, Solera Energy is prepared to craft a custom solution for your home. 

To learn more about our life-changing solar systems, contact Solera Energy online or give us a call at (855) 745-2398 today. 

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