Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

What To Expect for Installation

Does the idea of adding solar panels to your home seem daunting? Rest easy! As the largest supplier of solar energy in the Midwest, Solera Energy makes the process of installing and maintaining residential solar panels quick and straightforward. Our professional team walks you through every step, selecting the panels that work best for your home. We pride ourselves on customizing each project to your specific needs and budget, and our commitment is to keep you informed and updated throughout the process for a positive, seamless experience.


Here’s a look at the general timeline you can expect during solar panel installation:

Step 1: Custom Panel Design

First, our engineers will create custom blueprints for your solar panel system. We will take your property’s size, roof type and angle, shading, and structural integrity into consideration when designing your personalized plan. Our experts will explain each decision that goes into the panel design so you understand how it will optimize your energy efficiency.

Step 2: Solera Submits Application

As with any big project, solar panel installation includes a lot of paperwork. The good news is that we deal with it for you! We will take care of the application process for your net metering and any required permits from the city and county. This can take up to 30 days to receive approval.

Step 3: Schedule Installation Date

After obtaining approval, we will schedule your installation date. Our friendly staff will call to set up a time that works best with your schedule. Once the date is set, we will also coordinate delivery of all panels and supplies to your residence so they are ready to go for installation day.

Step 4: Professional Installation

The actual installation can take up to two or three days, depending on the size of your system. We begin by prepping your home and making sure the roof is in the right condition to hold the panels. Once it’s ready to go, the panels are secured using racking, and electric wiring is put in to connect your electrical panel to the general power system. The last step is a complete cleanup of the work area, leaving your home in top condition for its new solar adventure! We will also schedule any necessary inspections.

Step 5: Process Is Finalized With Utility Provider

Lastly, we will submit all final documents to your utility provider on your behalf. Once approved, your system will be turned on and we will assist you in setting up your monitoring. After that, you can sit back and watch the savings roll in as the sun does all the work!

Solera Makes Switching a Snap!

Trust Solera Energy to offer you the best solar energy system options for your home and money-saving goals. Our high-quality installation and industry experts will give you the resources and support you need to make the switch to solar a breeze! 

Switching to solar energy offers you monthly energy bill savings now and safeguards you against rising electricity costs in the future. Call our team at (866) 346-2009 or schedule your free consultation online today!

How can solar work for you?

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