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Backup Battery Power & Solar Storage Solutions

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If there’s one thing recent events have taught us, it’s that being prepared is important. Solar batteries are an excellent way to protect your home and keep the lights on in the event of an unexpected power outage. Solera Energy, LLC can help you choose the battery-based energy storage solution perfect for your needs.

Contact our team of solar experts today to learn more about how solar batteries can transform your home into a stalwart, off-the-grid castle that will stand up to any challenge (all while costing you less in energy bills).

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The Benefits of Solar Batteries   

Generac PWRcellWith solar batteries, the next power outage in your neighborhood doesn’t have to be a day-ruiner (or even disruptive) to you and your family. You can also use solar batteries to save money on energy costs. Our customers report three critical benefits of solar batteries:

  • Solar batteries offset costs imposed by your utility company by providing you another option during peak energy use times
  • When the rest of town is scrambling to adapt to the latest blackout, solar battery owners can live in comfort and continue about their normal life relatively unaffected
  • Solar battery owners often use their batteries at night to reduce power draws from the utility company and ease into living off the grid if desired

PWRcell by Generac Is Solera Energy’s Number One Solar Battery Recommendation

Solera Energy is proud to partner with Generac on solar batteries for one simple reason: the PWRcell battery is the most powerful, versatile, and scalable battery available on the market. It can be integrated into outdoor installations, works in any climate, and fits into any budget or lifestyle. A single PWRcell battery can power machines and appliances with large energy loads, like air conditioners and well pumps.

Solera and Generac have years of experience working together to build solar storage systems for Missouri & Northwest Arkansas homeowners. Call the team at (866) 346 – 2009 or reach out online today to learn how to join them.

Solar Batteries vs. Backup Generators – What’s Right for Your Home?

Where you stand in the “battery vs. generator” debate will depend largely on your goals. If you’re looking for a long-term, sustainable solution to getting off the energy grid, a solar battery is the right choice for you. Solar batteries are quiet, require less maintenance, don’t burn fossil fuels, and can power more appliances for longer periods of time.

However, if you’re just looking for backup power during the occasional short-term emergency, then generators are usually the more cost-effective option. For reliable, efficient backup generator solutions, Solera Energy again recommends and partners with Generac.

Our highly trained experts can help you weigh the pros and cons between solar batteries and backup generators. Call us at (866) 346 – 2009 or contact us online today to start the conversation.

Energy Storage FAQs

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries store energy created by your solar panels for later use, and can hold a charge for as long as 15 years!

Can a solar battery power my whole house?

Yes. Even one single solar battery will usually power your house for several hours. Our team will work with you to give you accurate estimates based on the battery system you’re considering.

What about a solar power backup generator? Can that power my whole house?

Yes. Although backup generators are not a viable option for long-term use, they are very useful as emergency backup during storms, power outages, and grid failures. 

How much do solar batteries cost?

This totally depends on what you’d like them to do and for how long, as well as the model you choose. Our technicians will lay out all the options for you and you’ll never face any hidden fees or surprise costs when you work with us.

How much money can I save in utility costs with solar batteries?

The average American spends roughly $174 a month on electricity. Even one solar battery can fully replace one third of a household’s energy usage per day, meaning your solar battery solution will likely pay for itself long before the service life of the system runs out.

How can solar work for you?

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