Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar for Hotels & Hospitality Businesses

Hotels across Missouri and Northwest Arkansas are switching to solar — and for good reason. Not only is it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious companies, but it provides an excellent return on investment through energy savings and tax incentives.

And with Solera Energy, the decision to go solar has never been easier. We are a leading solar power provider with more solar installations than all of our competitors combined. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing hospitality business or design a brand-new one, partnering with Solera Energy can be a profitable endeavor.  

Benefits of Going Solar for Your Hotel

The hospitality industry has a huge opportunity to affect the environment positively. Given the immense amount of electricity required to run it, a hotel that generates even a small portion of its energy from solar power has the same impact as multiple homes outfitted with solar panels.

Solar-powered hotels can:

  • Create clean energy without emissions
  • Avoid the harm dams and wind turbines can cause wildlife
  • Decreases carbon dioxide and other air pollutants

In addition to environmental benefits, going solar will also:

  • Impress customers with your green initiatives and make them feel like they’re making a difference by staying there
  • Improve media and public perception
  • Help your hotel stand out from the competition
  • Strengthen your community’s economy by supporting local jobs at the solar company you choose

Solera Energy makes the process of installing and maintaining solar panels easy. Our professional team will work with you to design, install, and inspect a solar panel system that works best for your hotel.

Call Solera at (855) 650-7404 or contact us online today to learn more. 

Solar Savings

We don’t have to tell you that running a hotel or hospitality business is expensive. These buildings require a considerable amount of electricity to operate, not to mention paying excess taxes that other businesses don’t. Going solar helps in both these areas!

Instant Energy Savings

The great thing about solar energy is that regardless of how large your hotel is or how much power it utilizes, you don’t have to worry about running out of energy. The sun is the ultimate generator. It can generate more energy in an hour than the Earth consumes in a year. 

That means your system will continue producing energy long after you have paid off the panel installation. We’re talking decades of dramatically lower utility bills and incredible savings!

Reinvest Earnings in Your Hotel

With those incredible savings, you have an opportunity to reinvest in your hotel. Not only are you saving on energy, but you can also free up cash flow to keep expanding and improving your business. All those improvements you’ve wanted to make? An investment in solar makes them possible!

Tax & Rebate Incentives

Tax breaks are a major incentive to make the switch to solar, especially for hotels that have tax obligations other businesses don’t.

On a federal level, the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit can reduce the cost of your solar energy system by 26%, with no maximum credit. In addition to tax credits, most utility companies in Missouri and Arkansas offer significant rebates for solar customers.

Make Solera Energy Your Hotel’s Solar Partner

Help the environment, stand out from the competition, dramatically decrease energy costs, and use your ROI to improve your business. You can do all of this when you partner with Solera Energy to outfit your Missouri or Northwest Arkansas hospitality business with solar panels. Our experts are well-versed in navigating a hotel installation and can help customize a solar energy solution to meet your needs.

When you partner with Solera, you can count on:

  • Over 12 years as the region’s undisputed leader in solar energy solutions
  • Working with some of the best minds in the solar industry
  • A dedicated team to see your project through from first design to completion
  • Top-quality products to fit just about any building
  • Competitive pricing to meet your budget and project needs

Transform your hotel with the power of the sun! Call us at (855) 650-7404 or fill out our online form to get started today.

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