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Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) Commercial Charging Stations in Missouri

Whether you own a small business or manage a number of commercial properties, having electric vehicle charging stations in your parking lot is a good investment. At Solera Energy, our business works hard to make your business more energy-efficient and profitable. Our commercial solar panel systems, coupled with our EV charger installation services, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and help increase the profitability of your operations, satisfying employees, tenants, and customers alike. We can help you save money while you make money delivering the products and services your clients depend on!

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EV Charging Stations for Businesses

There are three levels of EV charging station. Starting at Level 1, this EV charging station is the slowest option. They operate on 120 volts and charge vehicles at roughly 3 to 5 miles per hour of charge. They are primarily used residentially. 

For commercial use, most businesses install Level 2 or 3 chargers. Level 2 EV charging stations are more robust and are typically hardwired into the structure. These operate at 240 volts and can charge electric vehicles at a rate of 12 to 60 miles per hour of charge, depending on the vehicle. This is the type most businesses and commercial properties choose to install, and most public EV charging stations are Level 2.

Level 3 EV charging stations are the fastest and most powerful charging stations available. These units operate between 50kW and 350kW and will charge an electric vehicle at a rate of between 3 to 20 miles per minute. This makes them ideal for rental car fleets, delivery vehicles, company cars, and more.

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 to learn more about the EV charging stations we recommend for businesses throughout Missouri. 

EV Charger Installation Services

EV charger

From the loading dock to the parking lot, our specialists will help you select the optimal solutions for charging fleet vehicles, employee vehicles, and more. We adhere to strict quality and safety standards and guarantee compliance with all applicable building codes and safety regulations.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the ideal installation location and prepare the site as required. We will install your new EV charging station, calibrate the system to deliver optimal performance, and show you the best ways to maintain your charging station. Depending on the complexity and number of EV charging stations to be installed, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete.

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 to discuss the needs of your business and to schedule a free consultation with our EV charging station specialists in Missouri. 

Benefits of EV Charging Stations

There are many benefits that come from installing EV charging stations at your commercial property. These include:

  • Provides convenience for customers and employees
  • Reduces monthly fuel bills
  • Extends customer retention within your facility
  • Increases reliability of your EV fleet
  • Significant tax deductions and rebates

And if you pair your EV charging stations with commercial solar panels, the investment practically pays for itself! Powering your EV chargers with solar is a great cost-saving solution, and Solera Energy is ready to make this happen for your business.

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 to discuss the needs of your business and to schedule a free consultation with our EV charging station specialists in Springfield, MO. 

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At Solera Energy, our team is committed to helping our commercial clients save money and better serve their customers. When you choose our team, we will always go above and beyond to ensure the solutions we offer are properly installed and serviced. We adhere to strict quality and safety standards and offer a full range of EV solutions that will keep your business moving forward!

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 to find out more about the commercial EV charging stations and solutions we offer in Missouri.

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