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Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Utility-Scale Solar Energy Systems

Serving Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois

As the cost of traditional electricity continues to rise, Solera Energy offers businesses and communities a cost-effective, reliable alternative with utility-scale solar energy systems. Serving Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois, Solera Energy leads the way in providing large-scale solar power solutions that help businesses and communities save money and stabilize their energy costs.

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What Is Utility-Scale Solar?

Utility-scale solar refers to large solar power installations designed to generate electricity for the grid. These solar power plants, also known as solar farms, produce enough electricity to power thousands of homes and businesses. By harnessing the power of the sun on a larger scale, utility-scale solar energy systems offer a stable and cost-effective source of renewable energy generation.

How Are Utility-Scale Solar Energy Systems Different From Residential Solar Panels?

While residential solar panels are designed to power individual homes, utility-scale solar energy systems operate on a much larger scale. These systems consist of large numbers of solar panels that generate significant amounts of electricity, which is then fed into the grid to supply power to numerous users. Utility-scale solar farms stabilize electricity prices and provide a reliable source of solar electricity generation for entire communities.

How Solar Farms Work

Solar farms consist of a large number of solar panels arranged over large areas of land. These panels convert sunlight into electricity using advanced photovoltaic technology. The electricity generated is initially in the form of direct current and is then converted into alternating current by inverters, making it usable for the grid. This process generates a continuous and efficient supply of energy to meet the needs of businesses and entire communities.

Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-scale solar power offers several key benefits:

  • Cost savings: By generating electricity at a fixed-rate price, utility-scale solar helps stabilize electric prices and keeps them lower over time. This allows customers to avoid the high costs associated with traditional electricity during peak demand.
  • Energy independence: Large-scale solar power reduces reliance on traditional power sources, offering greater energy security and independence.
  • Tax benefits: Utility-scale solar projects often come with county tax benefits and other financial incentives, making them a financially attractive option.
  • Reliability: Utility-scale solar systems are highly reliable and can be paired with solar battery storage for a constant power supply, even during cloudy days or peak usage times.

Why Choose Solera Energy?

Solera Energy is the established leader in utility-scale solar power in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois. With a team of professionals from diverse fields such as legal, accounting, investment, engineering, logistics, electrical design, real estate development, and solar technology, we handle every project with the highest level of proficiency and expertise. We prioritize our clients’ long-term goals, developing solar energy solutions that enhance the value and operational efficiency of their business. By choosing Solera, you are investing in a financially sound and profitable energy solution.

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Serving the Missouri Metro Area & Northwest Arkansas

As the cost of traditional electricity continues to rise, along with the harmful emissions that accompany it, many homes and businesses are turning to solar power as a clean and renewable alternative. Solera Energy will meet your utility scale solar power needs, engineering a plant capable of generating reliable electricity at a fixed-rate price, allowing customers an escape from high costs during peak demand.

Solera is Missouri's Leader in Utility Scale Solar Power

We understand the design and engineering complexities that accompany utility-scale solar installation. Our industry-leading team is already well-versed in every aspect of your project, from legalities to practical implementation and construction.

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Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar

Carrying little to no environmental impact, utility-scale solar produces some of the cleanest and most cost-effective energy on the planet. Consider the following benefits:

  • Stabilizes electric prices, keep them lower over time
  • Pairs well with solar battery storage
  • Less impact on the land and surrounding environment
  • No air emissions like other, more traditional, power plants
  • No use of pesticides or fertilizers
  • County tax benefits
  • Opportunity to pass on cost savings to customers

Why Go Solera?

Solera Energy, LLC (Solera) is the established industry leader in solar investment strategies and long-term value creation for its business clientele. Solera’s success in attracting talented professionals from the legal, accounting, investment, engineering, logistics, electrical design, real estate development, and solar technology fields has been the catalyst for creating a truly unique company that’s highly customer focused and consistently delivers above-market returns to business owners using customized solar investment strategies.

Solera first seeks to understand its client’s long-term goals, then utilizes a proprietary analytical process of assessing the client’s investment and energy needs, and works with its clients to develop and implement turn-key solar energy solutions to enhancing the value and operational efficiency of the client’s business.

Five Reasons to Choose Solera Energy

  1. The right design and engineering team - Solera’s design and engineer team is there to customize your power plant to your specific business or organizational needs.
  2. The right equipment - Solera’s Platinum partner status with its solar equipment providers is there to make sure you have the right equipment.
  3. The right construction team - Solera’s track record and experience with utility scale, commercial and industrial, and residential solar is there to make sure you have the right construction team.
  4. The right knowledge about regulatory requirements and solar incentives - Solera’s team of seasoned professionals is there to make sure your power plant complies with all regulatory requirements and that you are receiving the incentives you deserve.
  5. The right financial structure – Solera’s team of professionals is there to make sure you are using the right transaction structure for your unique business, farm, municipality or not-for-profit.

The professional Solera team is experienced with sale transactions, lease transactions, power purchase agreements, and solar service agreements. Depending on your unique business or not-for-profit circumstances, choosing the right financial structure is key to implementing a successful solar investment strategy. Solera will work with you diligently to ensure the structure you are using is right for you and is designed to optimize your return on investment and improvement your operational efficiency through energy savings


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