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Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar Panels & EV Charging Stations

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, as manufacturers turn away from traditional combustion engines to vehicles equipped with rechargeable batteries. Thanks to generous subsidies currently available and lawmakers developing further incentives to make the switch, EV ownership is within reach of more people than ever. One issue that still plagues EVs is the relative lack of charging stations available for everyday use, but installing an EV charging station at home can become more feasible when paired with solar panels.

What Is an EV Charging Station?

An EV station is a system that provides power to electric vehicles using a plug-in device. You’ve likely seen at least a few multi-port stations pop up in nearby parking lots. Public charging stations most frequently operate with energy from the grid, which is produced from coal and natural gas. This puts a dent in the eco-friendliness of EVs, but many companies are investigating transitions to more sustainable energy sources, such as solar panels.

How Does Solar Energy Work for EV Stations?

You need a Level 2 charger for electric vehicles, which will operate on a 240V electric connection. The charger you choose will need an amperage level matched to your vehicle as well as the electrical capacity of your home. According to the National Electrical Code, your electrical circuit must handle 25% greater amperage than the charger’s output to be safe. The top amperage is 50, which adds approximately 37 miles of range per hour of charging. 

To adapt energy from solar panels for use in an EV station, you need a power inverter to convert the direct current power into alternating current, which will charge your vehicle. 

Steps To Using Solar for Your EV Station

If you’re interested in making the switch to an electric vehicle and want to reduce or eliminate the electric bills associated with charging it, solar panels are the way to go. Here are three steps to your goal:

  1. Use your driving habits to determine how much power you’ll need in kilowatts per hour.
  2. Calculate the number of panels required to produce the necessary kWh.
  3. Find a reputable solar installation company to purchase and install the system.

With these steps taken care of, you can purchase a Level 2 charger and be on your way to a cleaner, more cost-effective future.

Step Into the Future With Solera Energy

If you’re interested in solar panels for your Missouri or Northwest Arkansas EV station, you’ll find a dependable partner in Solera Energy. Our residential solar energy services include selecting and installing the array you need to power an electric vehicle affordably for years to come. 

Contact us online or call (866) 346-2009 to learn more about how we can upgrade your energy sourcing.

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