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Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

What Is Net Metering?

You have already heard about the many benefits of switching to solar – lower utility bills, tax credits and rebates, and increased home or business value. There’s one benefit, however, that often comes as a surprise to home and business owners – net metering. Today we’re going to explain this hidden advantage of using solar energy.

Solar Net Metering Explained

Solar net metering is an advantage that is available in most states, including Missouri and Arkansas. It allows residential and business customers who are generating excess electricity with their solar panels to send that electricity back to the grid and “sell” it to the utility provider.

You are then billed only for the net energy used each month – i.e., the difference between the power generated by your solar panel system and the energy that you actually use. This works out well for those with solar energy panels, since they produce more energy than they can use during the day.

Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering benefits not just the individual consumer, but also the local area in which you work or live. Some of the top benefits of net metering include:

  • It’s “set it and forget it” – Net metering requires no action on the part of the home or business owner after installation. Your meter will automatically run backward and feed excess energy back into the grid when you’re producing more than you can use.
  • Reduces consumers’ electric bills – By getting credits for “selling” energy back to the utility company, you can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity costs each year.
  • Protects the electric grid – During periods of peak power consumption, net metering allows homes and businesses to reduce pressure on the grid by contributing their excess energy.
  • Increases the environmental advantages of solar – Net metering extends the impact that one solar-equipped home or business can have on the environment by allowing it to power other homes and businesses.

Net Metering Is Most Likely Here to Stay… But It Might Change!

The use of solar energy is rapidly increasing in the US, and our laws and regulations are playing catch up as demand increases. Currently, six states still do not even allow net metering. The current regulations in the states that do allow it greatly favor the consumer. There are many discussions and upcoming policy changes that may alter the laws in ways that almost negate the utility savings of of net metering. If you are already benefiting from the current policies, you will most likely be grandfathered in and will be able to keep your net metering terms. That means that there’s no better time than now to switch to solar and start benefiting from net metering!

Switch to Solar with Residential & Commercial Solar Solutions from Solera Energy

At Solera Energy, LLC, we are dedicated to helping as many people and businesses as possible make the switch to solar. With our team of industry experts, we are proud to be the premier leader of solar energy in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. Reach out to us for a solar solution tailored to your financial, production, and energy goals. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have about solar energy for your home or business!

Claim your moment in the sun and start benefiting from net metering in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas! Call Solera Energy, LLC at (855) 750-7404 or contact us online today for sustainable solar solutions.

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