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10 Solar Energy Myths

More Missouri homeowners than ever are taking advantage of the benefits solar power offers, yet there is still misinformation about this energy alternative. We’re setting the record straight on the top 10 solar energy myths.

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive

Tacking large panels to your roof to harness the sun’s energy certainly sounds like an expensive endeavor, and it does indeed require an investment upfront. However, much like laptops, smartphones, and other high-tech gadgets of the 21st century, solar technology’s price tag is declining rapidly. In fact, over the last 10 years, the cost to install solar power solutions has decreased by as much as 70% as technology becomes more efficient. This is making it more accessible to the average homeowner than ever before.

Myth #2: I Won’t Make My Money Back

Ok, so you’re willing to pay upfront, but you’re still skeptical you’ll ever see that money again, right? Consider that the payback period on most homes is four to six years – well below the 20+ year life span on a solar panel. Plus, energy-conscious homeowners can get a taste of that return on investment sooner by running high-energy appliances (like dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water systems) during the day. We have a feeling the decrease in your electric bill will make the time go by much quicker.

Myth #3: The Tax Breaks Aren’t Worth It

Most states offer robust tax break incentives to homeowners and businesses alike for adding solar energy capacity. Based on Solera Energy’s survey of the market, these breaks are expected to continue well into 2023. State and federal tax incentives can help you see a return on your solar panel investment in as little as two years!

Myth #4: Solar Panels Require Constant Care

A good-quality solar panel is designed to last for multiple decades, drastically reducing the need for maintenance or repair. Other than an annual cleaning and inspection by a professional, there’s not much that needs to be done. And with few moving parts, expensive replacements are extremely rare. This kind of durability is what has helped solar energy’s popularity skyrocket in recent years.

Myth #5: The Panels Will Damage My Roof

Assuming everything is installed properly and professionally, this myth is completely false. If you think about it, it’s obvious: Solar panels are designed to be fully protected from harmful elements like snow, rain, and debris. Since they cover your roof, that means your roof receives this same protection.

Myth #6: My Non-Asphalt Roof Can’t Handle Panel Installation

While asphalt is the most common shingle used on residential roofs in Missouri and can easily handle solar panel installation, it’s not the only game in town. Solar panels can be installed on just about any roof, from metal to tile, tar to gravel. Even flat roofs can handle them just as easily as their sloped counterparts. Some materials are easier to work with than others that require a more intricate installation, but they all have what it takes to support this game-changing energy source.

Myth #7: No One Will Buy My House With Panels On It

Solar panels may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s actually having a positive effect on resale value. When done properly, panel installation doesn’t cause any roof damage, and, as we’ve already discussed, there is no excessive maintenance burden that might dissuade a potential buyer. In fact, many real estate agents are finding that buyers are excited by these environmentally-conscious homes. Recent studies suggest that solar energy provides as good a return on investment as a kitchen remodel, and an analysis by Zillow found solar panels add over 4% to a home’s sales price – all good reasons to make the switch even if a move is in your future.

Myth #8: Solar Energy Only Works in Warm Weather

Temperature is not a determining factor for solar panels. It’s the amount of sunlight that powers them, not the heat. As a result, solar panels work in all climate types. Missouri sees an average of 206 sunny days a year, making it an excellent environment for solar energy. And you won’t have to worry about losing power on dark, cloudy days. The panels can still work efficiently in those conditions, and the solar batteries provide extra backup.

Myth #9: The Panels Will Look Ugly on My Roof

While everyone’s tastes are different, the aesthetics of solar panels have also evolved over the years. Professionals have more design flexibility than ever to install panels in a streamlined (yet secure) manner and can even use materials that blend with your existing roof. This minimizes the visual impact and is a far cry from the bulky boxes some people picture. If you’re still unsure about how they’ll look, panels can be mounted on the ground instead if your yard allows it.

Myth #10: Solar Energy Is a Fad That Will Eventually Fade

As long as the sun doesn’t fade, solar energy isn’t going anywhere. The increased affordability of installation for this clean, renewable energy source has caused demand to skyrocket. As more and more homeowners begin to experience solar energy’s convenience, reliability, and cost savings, they tell their neighbors. And we’re not kidding about those cost savings. Solar panels can shrink your electric bill by half or even all the way down to zero in sun-abundant months. As long as the sun is shining, your solar energy solution is earning back the money you paid for it.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Don’t let these common misconceptions stand in your way if you’re interested in learning how solar power can work for your home. Solera Energy is dedicated to helping people across Missouri understand the many benefits this amazing technology can bring to their lives.  Our team, which includes some of the best minds in the solar industry, is standing by to answer your questions and get your solar energy project started.

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