Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

What Is a Solar Carport & How Can One Benefit Your Home or Business?

Solar panels installed over cars in a dealership parking lot

In Missouri or Northwest Arkansas, solar systems are most often installed on the roof of a building, taking advantage of otherwise unused space. But not all structures have enough roof space, or the roof may have too much shade. Although a ground mount is an option, the solar panels can often get in the way. Another alternative is a solar carport, which offers several benefits for your home or business.

What Is a Solar Carport?

Like a regular carport, a solar carport creates a roof over a parking space to offer a vehicle some protection against sun, rain, hail, and other elements. All four sides may be open to the elements, or just some of the sides, allowing the car to drive in and out easily. With a solar carport, however, the roof is made of solar panels that can provide low-cost, green energy for the building, along with optional electric vehicle charging. Solar carports for commercial parking areas may cover several parking spots or even entire rows of parking spaces.

The Benefits of a Solar Carport

Unlike a ground mount, a solar carport can offer more than just power. Here are just a few of the benefits of a solar carport for your Missouri home or business:

  • Lower utility costs: The electricity provided by a solar carport can reduce the amount of grid power your home or business uses, cutting your utility costs significantly.
  • Protection for vehicles: With time, the UV rays of the sun can destroy a car’s paint and interior. Plus, in the summer, the sun can turn a vehicle into an oven. Hail can cause dents, and heavy rain can cause leaks. A solar carport can help to provide shade and protection from the elements.
  • Better use of space: Solar panels in a ground mount can take up a large portion of the property, making the area virtually unusable for other applications. A solar carport, however, provides useful shade and vehicle protection while also generating power.
  • Optional EV charging: An electric vehicle charger can be integrated into the carport, and if the carport is large enough, much of the energy used for charging can come from the sun, keeping utility costs as low as possible.
  • Valuable incentives: Both Missouri and Arkansas offer net metering, which means your home or business can earn credits on your electric bill for any extra energy produced by your solar system during sunny days, reducing your energy costs. Additionally, a federal tax credit of up to 40% of the cost of your solar system is available, making it easier than ever to go solar. Plus, other incentives and rebates may be available from your local government or your energy provider.

Solar Carport Installation in Missouri & Northwest Arkansas

Let your carport do double duty with a solar carport from our team at Solera Energy. We are the premier residential and commercial solar installer for Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. With more than a decade of experience in the region, we offer unrivaled excellence, integrity, and attention to detail. Whether you need a small residential solar system or a large commercial solar installation, we will customize your system to meet your needs, budget, and power requirements.

Cut your energy costs and protect your vehicles with our custom solar carports. Call Solera Energy at (866) 346-2009 or contact us online to schedule your FREE solar consultation in Missouri or Arkansas today!

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