Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar for Cannabis Cultivation

The legality of cannabis has spread to 19 states since Colorado legalized recreational use in 2012, and voters across the country made their voices heard in the following years. Growing cannabis, whether for medical or recreational sale, is a rewarding and potentially lucrative business, but the energy costs involved can be prohibitive. Between lighting, HVAC, and processing equipment, professional growers must manage energy use carefully to make a profit. Many savvy growers are turning to solar power to supplement or replace the energy they need, and here’s why.

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Electricity Is Expensive

Most cannabis is grown in indoor facilities to control the environment and produce the best product. While keeping the climate at the proper humidity and temperature is critical, most energy costs go to lighting. Growing just four plants is estimated to use as much electricity as 29 refrigerators, and any commercial operation will have hundreds of plants.

A solar array will reduce your highest cost, opening up the potential for profits and helping your operation weather fluctuating energy costs. Solera Energy can install an industrial-scale energy system that provides all the electricity your operation needs or a smaller system meant for supplementation.

The Grid Is Unreliable

Depending on your aging local power grid means being subject to blackouts. Whether it’s a significant weather event, cyberattack, or other threat, your cultivation grinds to a halt, and your plants can die if the grid goes down. Solar energy systems with energy storage and backup power allow you to fill in the gaps so you aren’t at the mercy of blackouts.

The Rules Are Changing

With the influx of new cannabis farms, states experience significant strain on their energy grids. That leads to changes in how growers can use electricity, and states like New York are making the ability to minimize climate impact a part of the licensing process. As climate concerns continue to mount, solar energy remains the cleanest and most efficient way to power a cannabis farm strategically. 

As awareness about climate impact is rising, cannabis growers can use solar energy systems as an effective marketing strategy. Consumers tend to look more favorably upon sustainably run cultivators, and this trend will only increase in the future. 

Build a Resilient System With Solera

Having an affordable, reliable source of electricity is key to strategic and successful cannabis cultivation, no matter the location of your farm. If your business is in Missouri or Northwest Arkansas, Solera Energy is ready to help you make the transition to clean solar power. 

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