Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar Panels & Installation Services in Bentonville, AR

Solera Energy LLC, in association with Garner Solar, is Arkansas’s most reliable provider of solar energy products and solar installation services. Investing in solar energy gives you access to a clean, renewable power source, This solar power source is one of the best ways to lower your monthly energy bills permanently and significantly

Our team takes pride in catering each project to our customer’s specific energy needs and financial landscape. Customer service is our top priority, and we will work tirelessly to keep you updated throughout the project for a smooth transition. 

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Solar Energy Services in Bentonville

With the industry’s latest advancements, Solera Energy provides Bentonville and the surrounding areas with the best solar energy has to offer. We supply solar power to more homes and businesses in the Bentonville area than all our competitors combined. 

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Solar Power for Arkansas Homeowners

Solar panels on the roof of modern home

The average Arkansas homeowner spends more than $100 on their monthly energy bill. With Solera Energy, you could cut that in half and, in some cases, even owe nothing. What’s more? By adding solar energy to your property, you could increase your home’s value without raising your property taxes and continue to save after the eventual return on your investment. Our residential solar power services are here for you!

Solar panels give the benefit of powering your home regardless of the size of your house. Installing solar panels works by converting the sun’s energy into the electricity that powers your home; you’ll have an energy source that never runs out. Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll be powered. 

The best part of switching to solar energy is the significant financial gain you stand to obtain. In Bentonville, AR, solar panel prices have fallen 43%, saving you money if you make the switch today. Power companies have been providing utility rebates and robust tax breaks. Arkansas has a favorable net metering policy. The absolute price of any kWh you export to the grid becomes a credit on the next month’s bill and will also benefit from the 26% federal tax credit. 

Bentonville receives an average of four and a half to five peak sun hours per day, giving you up to 5 kWh of electricity per day for every kilowatt of solar panels you install. With this much solar energy paired with the amount of money you’ll save, homeowners can expect to have seven years of free energy once the system has paid for itself!

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Solar Power for Commercial Businesses

Solera Energy understands every business has its own mission, priorities, and standards. We also know that every business must be profitable to fulfill those. With solar energy, your company can lower its monthly utility expenses while increasing its bottom line. 

When you’re ready to maximize profits to meet your customers’ most significant needs, call us at (866) 346-2009 or contact us online today to learn more. 

Utility-Scale Solar Power

Aerial view of solar panel farm

Utility-scale solar energy provides affordable energy alternatives to customers, which is especially useful during peak demand seasons like winter when everyone’s running a heater or summer when everyone is trying to stay cool by the AC. 

Learn how you can bring utility-scale solar energy to Bentonville, AR. Call us at (866) 346-2009 or contact us online.

Backup Power, Solar Batteries, & Energy Storage Systems in Bentonville

Every winter, animals prepare for the coldest months by storing food for themselves and their offspring. You’ll need stored energy sources in an emergency. Solar energy systems are connected to the electrical grid, which means you can still lose power during a neighborhood blackout. The good news is, with Solera Energy, you can still achieve off-the-grid power in an emergency with energy storage and backup power services. Our backup power and energy storage options are quieter and more energy-efficient than traditional methods like generators. 

You can choose between backup generators or solar batteries based on your demands. Solar batteries are the better option for you if you’re in the market for a long-term solution to getting off-the-grid energy. Because solar batteries don’t burn fossil fuels, they can power appliances for an extended period. Solar battery owners can use their batteries at night to reduce drawing power from utility companies during peak demand and eventually live off-grid if that’s your goal. 

The difference with having a backup generator is that they’ll help with occasional short-term emergencies like a neighborhood power outage rather than for long-term. Generators have the added benefit of turning on automatically, so in an outage, you can relax. We offer generators in different sizes and capacities so you can choose the right one for you and your household demands. Our team of professionals at Solera Energy will guide you through selecting the best option for your needs.

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It’s without question that Solera Energy is the top solar energy provider in Northwest Arkansas. When you’re ready to transition into solar power, we will be here to answer all your questions or concerns. Your confidence in solar energy and your comfort throughout the transition are top priorities for our entire team. 

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