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Most people accept the default when supplying their homes and businesses with electricity for everyday needs, but there is a better option. Solera Energy has been providing solar energy solutions to the people of Missouri and surrounding states for more than 12 years, delivering significant energy savings by utilizing the sun’s limitless power.

Whether you are trying to cut down your electric bill as a homeowner or switch your business to a clean, modern, and sustainable energy system, Solera Energy is ready to meet your needs in Lee’s Summit.

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Residential Solar Power

In Lee’s Summit, MO, the average homeowner throws away more than $100 per month on their electric bill. That adds up over months and years, and although it’s the norm, it doesn’t have to be. Imagine slashing your electric bill by half or even more. Some homeowners can eliminate their electric bill with a sufficiently powerful solar energy solution. Not only will you start saving money on your bills immediately after installing a solar energy system, but you’ll also add to your home’s value with an average return on investment of 20% or more.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

Anyone involved in a Lee’s Summit commercial or industrial enterprise knows that keeping energy costs down is a huge challenge. Modernizing your property with a solar energy system is a smart way to invest in your business and reduce the financial impact of energy usage. A renewable energy source can power sustained growth through lower energy bills.

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Utility-Scale Solar Power

Lee’s Summit, MO, can experience strain on the power grid as summers start to heat up and more people turn up the AC. Utility-scale solar power solutions can shore up the energy grid, ensuring consumers get the electricity they need to power through hot weather.

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There is no other solar power company with the level of experience and dedication you’ll find at Solera Energy. Our industry experts have the expertise to design and implement efficient solar energy solutions that provide clean, affordable energy to home and business owners in Lee’s Summit.

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