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Electricity rates may seem out of control at times, but not when you “own your power.” That’s why Solera Energy helps homeowners and business owners throughout the Lock Springs area regain control of their energy supply and their carbon footprint. We were the first to bring solar to Missouri, and for over a decade, we have been the premier leading solar power company in the state. For you, that means you can get custom cost-saving energy solutions from a trustworthy industry leader.

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Residential Solar Power

Did you know the average electric bill in Lock Springs is $102 a month? Switching to solar power can drop your energy bills (down to as low as zero dollars!), and solar panels can raise your home’s value, all while earning back your investment over time. Solar energy is also a clean, renewable resource that is better for the environment, so you can improve your household’s carbon footprint (yes, even when the air conditioner is running).

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

When you’re planning to invest in an industrial solar energy plant or simply to take advantage of the cost-saving power of solar electricity for your business, turn to Solera Energy. In just six simple steps, our experienced team will analyze your electricity needs and will develop a cost-saving energy solution for clean, renewable energy. With more than 10 years in the solar power business, we have the knowledge to offer valuable insights and the technology to bring your custom solution to life.

Boost your bottom line with a clean, cost-saving energy source. Contact Solera Energy today at (855) 650-7404 to schedule your free consultation in Lock Springs, MO.

Utility-Scale Solar Power

Utility companies that offer renewable electricity options attract more customers. With homeowners shopping for alternative energy sources, electric companies can serve those consumers by partnering with an established solar power company. Missouri’s leader in utility-scale solar power, Solera Energy supplies a wide range of energy consumers with reliable electricity at fixed rates.

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For over a decade, Solera Energy has been the solar power leader in Missouri. When you choose Solera Energy, our team will partner with you along your solar power journey to bring you cost savings and real returns. Our expert team is dedicated to helping customers reach their goals with superior energy solutions.

Bask in the benefits of the sun! Contact Solera Energy today at (855) 650-7404 to get started with solar power in the Lock Springs, MO, area.

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