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At Solera Energy, LLC, we know that a sustainable future is possible through renewable energy. Ever since we came to Missouri as its first solar energy company, we’ve worked towards one goal: giving people and businesses the opportunity to own their power and contribute to a better tomorrow. That goal hasn’t changed 12 years later, and we are still the premier leader of solar energy in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.

We believe that everyone in Missouri can reap the many benefits of harnessing the sun’s energy – especially because Missouri averages five peak hours of sunlight per day. That’s more than enough to generate all the energy you need – and then some! Whether you’re a Marshall homeowner in a single-family residence or a CEO with numerous commercial properties, our formidable team has the expertise you need to switch to solar.

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Residential Solar Power in Marshall, MO

You already know that switching to solar energy for your Marshall home’s power helps protect the environment. But did you know that solar energy has many personal benefits for homeowners? When you sign up for solar energy with Solera Energy, LLC, you’ll enjoy:

  • Lower electricity bills – The average homeowner in Missouri spends around $108 on their electric bill a month. Switching to solar can cut that in half, or even reduce it to $0!
  • Tax credits and rebates – Combining federal and state incentives allows you to substantially reduce the upfront cost of switching to solar energy for your Marshall home.
  • Increased home value – Homeowners across the US are willing to pay an average of 4.1% more for a home with solar panels! You’ll enjoy the same return on investment as if you’d done a kitchen remodel.

If you’re ready to step into the future with clean energy and save money every month, reach out to our team for solar solution designed around your needs!

Interested in making the switch to solar in Marshall, MO? Call us at (866) 346-2009 or contact us online today to learn more. 

Commercial & Industrial Solar Power for Marshall Companies

Forward-thinking companies are looking to renewable energy more and more. Don’t get left behind –reap major energy savings with Solera Energy, LLC’s solar solutions for commercial and industrial buildings!

As you most likely know, energy is a large portion of any company’s operating costs. Contribute to the longevity of your company and the environment by investing in solar energy! In addition to government incentives, your business can also take advantage of solar net metering to sell extra energy generated from your solar panels back to your utility provider, further decreasing costs.

If you’re a business in Marshall, MO that wants to utilize renewable solar energy and significantly decrease your overhead, we will work with you to develop a sustainable solution.

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Utility-Scale Solar Power in Marshall, MO

Utility-scale solar energy provides an affordable, safe, clean, and renewable energy and is especially helpful during seasons of peak power demand. Solar energy on a city-wide scale is possible in Marshall! Solera Energy, LLC has the resources and expertise to meet Marshall’s utility-scale solar power needs with a plant that will generate reliable electricity for everyone.

Learn how you can bring utility-scale solar energy to Marshall. Call us at (866) 346-2009 or contact us online today.

Energy Storage Services in Marshall

It’s a common misconception that switching to solar panels ensures power through a blackout. Solar energy systems are connected to the electrical gird, so you will lose power during an outage. Don’t keep that loud, dangerous generator around – count on Solera Energy, LLC for energy storage solutions. We offers a host of energy storage and backup power services that are quieter than traditional options like generators.

Contact our team to learn more about this smart backup power source.

Why Go Solera for your Marshall Home of Business?

At Solera Energy, LLC, we don’t provide “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We work with you to understand your financial, production, and energy goals. Then we use our proprietary assessment process to craft a customized solar energy solution that meets your needs. The result is reliable, clean energy that drastically cuts your utility costs!

Solera Energy, LLC is the undisputed leader in implementing customized solar energy solutions to the citizens of Marshall. Our team of industry experts is committed to helping as many people and businesses as possible make the switch to solar. Partner with us to secure a brighter future for yourself, your budget, and the environment!

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