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Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly power sources available, making it perfect for any home or business. You can obtain sustainable electricity independence by installing solar panels on your Missouri home and business — it’s that simple! 

Solar panels produce clean electricity that does not pollute our environment like fossil fuels do with carbon dioxide emissions. When it comes to cost efficiency, there is no comparison. Solar power pays itself off within five to 10 years, whereas most other forms require 20 to 30-plus years before their initial investment begins generating positive cash flow!

With nearly 20 years of experience, Solera Energy, LLC is the leading provider of solar power solutions in Northwest Arkansas and Missouri. We have helped more homes and businesses enjoy quality energy than any other company operating within this area! With cutting-edge products, as well as premier customer service, we have what you need!

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Residential Solar Power

The average homeowner in Monett, MO, spends approximately $115 on their monthly electricity bill, equating to $1,380 annually that could be used for something else. Solar power can eradicate that monthly bill and put that money back in your pocket. Not only that, investing in solar energy products adds value to your home and decreases your environmental footprint. 

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Save on monthly energy costs and make your solar energy with modern solar energy solutions. Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 today to go solar!

Commercial and Industrial Solar Power

As one of the leading states in renewable energy technology, Missouri sets the pace for cleaner, more affordable energy. Solera Energy will help your business utilize solar power and save you money while improving its environmental footprint for years ahead! As we continue toward clean air goals as a nation, Missouri can make it happen on a local level by tapping into this fantastic solar resource.

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 today to become part of the industrial movement toward a cleaner, healthier environment for all!

Utility-Scale Solar Power 

From daily power needs to peak-season requirements, a community solar plant in Monett can help meet the demands of your city. Investing in clean and renewable energy — at a price everyone can afford — elevates the standard of living for everyone. 

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 today to help bring utility-scale solar energy to Monett, MO!

Energy Storage Services

The best way to avoid an unexpected power outage is with Solera Energy solutions. With energy storage and backup services, you can be sure that your commercial and home investments never go down in the event of a power disruption — no matter what type or when it strikes! And the benefits don’t stop there! Along with greater peace of mind knowing you always have access to power, you’ll also be helping the environment along the way!

Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 today to schedule an energy storage consultation to create a system that will meet your backup energy needs. 

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Solera Energy is passionate about providing you with sustainable energy solutions that benefit your pocketbook and the environment. With Solera Energy’s custom solar panel installation process, we work closely together so each of our customers can get exactly what they need while staying on time and within budget.

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