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With an average of five peak hours of sunlight per day, the Show-Me State is the perfect place to invest in solar energy. Whether you’re a Rolla homeowner looking to save money every month or a company wanting to reduce overheard and help the environment, Solera Energy, LLC is standing by to help you own your power with solar energy solutions.

At Solera Energy, LLC, we believe that everyone in Missouri can reap the many benefits of harnessing the sun’s energy. Ever since we had the honor of being the first solar energy company in Missouri, we’ve worked towards one goal: allowing families and businesses to own their power, break free of rising energy costs, save money every month, and contribute to a better tomorrow. We work with you to design the best energy solutions for your Rolla home or business, maximizing your savings and setting you up for an impressive return on your investment.

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Why Go Solar in Rolla, MO?

If you’re thinking of converting your power source to solar energy, you’re in good company. There are currently more than 1.47 million solar panels in use across the United States! When you join the community of clean energy owners, you can:

  • Save money – Solar panels drastically reduce or even eliminate your electricity costs, provide a large return on investment (ROI), and pay for themselves many times over during their lifetime. Your savings opportunities will vary based on available incentives, building size, power usage, and other factors.
  • Increase the value of your property – Homes and businesses equipped with solar-powered systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than homes without solar panels.
  • Enjoy consistent, low maintenance power – Solar panels are durable and require almost no maintenance, reducing the chance of interruptions in service.
  • Help the environment – According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, one home switching to solar power has the same effect on reducing emissions as planting 150 trees every year.
  • Switch affordably – With no money down and interest rates as low as 1.49%, it’s never been easier to make the jump to solar energy.
  • Own your power – By making your own electricity, you protect your family or business from rising utility costs and receive all the benefits of ownership.

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Residential Solar Power in Rolla, MO

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The average homeowner in Missouri currently spends around $85 on their electric bill per month. As always, electricity prices are on the rise – over the past 25 years, electricity prices in Missouri have increased at an average rate of 1.71% per year. If prices continue to rise at this rate, the average monthly cost of electricity for Missouri homeowners will reach $121 per month by 2046. It’s important to note that prices may rise at higher rates due to climate change.

By switching to solar energy, you could decrease your monthly energy bill by anywhere from 50% to 100%! If electricity prices continue to rise at current rates, you will save up to $30,900 over 25 years of using solar panels, all while increasing your home’s value and helping the environment. The boost to your home’s value will give you the same return on investment as a kitchen remodel.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power for Rolla Companies

If you’re a business in Rolla, energy most likely accounts for a large portion of your operating costs. Switching to solar will drastically reduce your overhead by saving you money each month. Your company can also take advantage of solar net metering to sell extra energy generated back to your utility provider, further decreasing costs! Not only will switching to solar contribute to your company’s success, but it will also reduce our society’s dependence on fossil fuels and combat climate change. You’ll enjoy a large ROI, plus the respect of your forward-thinking customers. The solar energy pros at Solera Energy, LLC will work with you to develop affordable and sustainable solutions for your Rolla company.

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Utility-Scale Solar Power in Rolla, MO

While we love creating a sustainable future one home and business at a time, we’re also focused on the big picture. Solera Energy, LLC has the resources and expertise to meet Rolla’s utility-scale solar power needs with a plant that will generate reliable electricity. Utility-scale solar energy can provide an affordable, safe, clean, and renewable energy alternative to Rolla residents and business owners and is especially helpful during seasons of peak power demand. Help us create sustainable change on a city-wide basis, starting right here in Rolla!

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Energy Storage Services in Rolla

Because it is connected to the electrical grid, even solar power will go out in a blackout. By storing the energy you create, you can be prepared for outages. Solera Energy, LLC offers energy storage and backup power services to help you stay powered in an emergency. Our backup power options are cleaner and quieter than traditional generators, so contact our team to learn more!

Why Choose Solera Energy for your Rolla Home or Business?

At Solera Energy, LLC, we are committed to helping the homeowners and business owners of Rolla break free of rising energy costs, own their power, and save money each month. Our trusted team of industry experts is proud to be the premier solar energy leader in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. Together we can create a sustainable future through clean, renewable, and affordable energy.

Reach out to us for a solar solution tailored to your financial, production, and energy goals. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have about solar energy for your Rolla home or business. Partner with us to secure a brighter future for yourself, your budget, and the environment!

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