Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar Energy Solutions in Springdale, AR

Residential, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Power + Energy Storage Services

Solera Energy, LLC is a solar power solutions provider in Springdale, AR. If you have been considering solar and want to have excellent service to make it part of your home, you can trust our team to help you harness the power.

Springdale is the fourth-largest city in Arkansas. It is filled with homes and businesses that can benefit from the power of solar. Solera Energy has brought more solar energy to businesses and homeowners in the Midwest than any other company, and we are here for you, too.

Residential Solar Services

Solar panels on the roof of modern home

In Springdale, homeowners spend around $104 a month on their electric bills. This may be average for the nation, just under the $107-a-month national average, but it’s still more than it should be. With solar power, you could easily cut that bill in half. Many people end up with a zero-dollar utility bill once they make the switch to solar.

Not only that, but adding solar to your home can add value to the property. Solera Energy will help you embrace these benefits and start saving with the addition of solar to your home.

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Boost Home Value & Cost Savings With Solar

Installing solar panels on your home will give your property an immediate boost on the market. Residential solar panels can add considerable value to your home in many instances. Not only do home buyers want to see solar panels and other energy-efficient upgrades, but they are also willing to pay a premium for adequately installed, well-maintained systems.

Modern solar technology has evolved considerably in recent years, which means that today’s solar panels can generate electricity even when the sun isn’t at its brightest. Couple your solar panels with a robust solar battery system to store the energy your system produces for use later in the day or on the days when the sun won’t shine. Solar batteries allow you to maximize the potential of your solar system. Moreover, when power grids fail, you won’t have to rely on a diesel or natural gas generator to keep the lights on; your solar batteries can do the work without the fuel, headaches, and hassle of maintaining a backup generator. Plus, you can sell whatever power you don’t use to utilities and use your system to reduce your monthly utility bills further.

Interested in learning more about how solar can save you money? Call our knowledgeable team at (855) 650-7404 or contact us online today!

Commercial Solar Services

We assist homeowners in Springdale to embrace the power of solar energy and also work diligently alongside local businesses in that same capacity. If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact and reap the cost-saving benefits of solar panels, you can trust Solera Energy to help. We help commercial and industrial properties utilize this clean, renewable energy for themselves to lower their energy bills and improve their eco-friendliness.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Services

Aerial view of rural solar panel farm

Our team is also well-versed in utility-scale solar power for Springdale residents. By building a solar plant, the community can generate reliable electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy. This can help your community manage peak power demand times, like when the hot and humid weather demands increase air conditioning usage.

Bring utility-scale solar energy to Springdale. Call (855) 650-7404 or contact us online to learn more about our services.

Energy Storage Services With Solera Energy

Sometimes when you use solar power, you produce more energy than you need. Instead of letting that extra energy go to waste, trust Solera Energy to provide energy storage and backup power solutions that use it well. This will help you be prepared for the next power outage or emergency situation.

Choose Solera Energy for Your Springdale Energy Solutions

Springdale, Arkansas, gets plenty of sun. If you want to capitalize on that, choose Solera Energy for your needs. Whether you are shopping for your home, business, or community, we have solutions that will help you embrace the power of solar.

Call (855) 650-7404 or contact Solera Energy online to help you embrace the power of solar energy for your home.

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