Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar Panel Installation & Solar Energy Solutions in Wentzville, MO

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Wentzville, MO, may have more affordable energy costs than other cities in Missouri, but it still costs money to keep the lights on. Whether you are paying for the energy use of your home or business, you can trust the power of solar energy to keep your costs down.

Solera Energy has been serving the Show-Me State for over 10 years. We have the knowledge you need to save money on your utilities and protect the environment simultaneously. Whether you want to put a little more money into your family’s budget or are looking to decrease the overhead costs of your business, we have solutions that work.

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How Investing in Solar Panels Saves Money for Wentzville Homeowners

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars each year on their energy bills in Wentzville. Any little bit that can help you save is a benefit, and solar can help quite a bit. Some homeowners in Wentzville can eliminate their electricity costs by making the switch to solar. All it takes is one call to Solera Energy.

Aside from lowering their monthly bills, Wentzville residents can also increase their home value. Homeowners across the U.S. are willing to pay an average of 4.1% more for a home with solar panels. So not only are you saving money today, you’re increasing your chance of putting more money in your pocket later! Plus, combining federal and state incentives allows you to reduce the upfront costs of switching to solar energy for your Wentzville home.

Missouri Solar Panel Statistics

According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri is one of the best places in the world for solar panel systems. Consider the following statistics: 

  • Missouri has more than 200 sunny days per year for an average of 0.5 to 5 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day. Missouri’s solar resources surpass Germany’s, which leads the world in solar energy production on less than 3 kWh per square meter per day.
  • The cost of electricity in Missouri has risen recently to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, making the need for renewable energy sources more critical. 
  • The federal government provides up to a 30% federal tax credit for new solar panel installations.
  • Three of the leading utilities in Missouri provide a $500/kW rebate, and a 30% federal tax credit means you get back nearly a third of your investment in less than a year.
  • Solar increases home value by nearly $12,000, but your property tax stays the same.

Costs & Savings for a 5 kW PV System in Wentzville

The average upfront price of a 5 kW residential PV system in Missouri may seem high, but you’ll realize that your actual cost will be much lower once you factor in various cost-saving methods. With many local utility companies offering a $500/kW rebate, you can deduct about $2,500 from your upfront price. Also, thanks to a federal tax credit of 30%, your savings will continue to stack. Once your solar system is installed, you can instantly start building savings, with roughly $750 in the first year. Missouri homeowners can expect a payback period of about 13 years on their investment and 12 years of free energy, making solar energy a sound investment.

Why Go Solar With Solera?

Solera Energy makes the process of installing and maintaining residential solar panels easy. Our professional team walks you through every step, selecting the panels that work best for your home.

Here’s how our solar panel installation process works:

  1. Design & Engineer: Our design department will create custom blueprints for your solar system.
  2. Apply & Approve: We will apply for your net metering approval and any permits required by your city or county.
  3. Install: After approvals are received, we will work around your schedule to install your system.
  4. Energize: We will submit all final documentation to your utility provider on your behalf. The timing of this step varies depending on your utility company.
  5. Monitoring: When your system is energized, we will assist you with setting up your system monitoring.

Solar Energy Storage & Backup Power Solutions

Many Wentzville homeowners don’t know that they can do more than harvest energy from the sun. There are also options to store that energy through solar batteries and generators. With these tools in your Wentzville home, you can enjoy access to the energy you get from the sun whenever you need it.

Solar batteries allow you to store some of the energy you harvest and then use them to remove your reliance on the utility company, such as during a power outage or overnight. They can also let you offset your family’s use during high-demand periods.

Solar-powered Generac generators provide backup energy during any power outage. They can be set up to kick in automatically when the power goes out, so you never lose energy and can continue running your electronics and appliances.

Schedule a consultation with Solera Energy by calling (866) 346-2009 to discuss solar energy storage solutions. You can also contact us online.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Services in Wentzville

While homeowners can often benefit from solar, businesses in Wentzville can as well. Solar panels give your Wentzville business a visible indication of your commitment to the environment while significantly reducing operating costs. Our solar panel experts provide commercial and industrial solar plans to help your business embrace solar power so that you can reduce your energy expenses.

Contact us today at (855) 650-7404 or reach out online to discuss solar in Wentzville, MO, with our experienced team.

Solar Power on a Utility Company Scale

Aerial view of solar panel farm

Utility-scale solar power creates a solar-powered plant that generates electricity reliably for your community. In Wentzville, community needs can be more affordably met when you embrace this option. We have a clean, renewable energy solution for Wentzville and can help you get it started today.

Bringing utility-scale solar energy to Wentzville is possible. Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Solera for Solar Energy Solutions in Wentzville?

With over a decade of experience, Solera Energy has the skill and knowledge to make solar a reality for you. We have installed hundreds of solar systems, and we are ready to help you embrace this technology for yourself. We craft custom solar energy solutions that you can count on to deliver reliable energy year after year.

Call Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 or reach out online to schedule a consultation to discuss solar today. 

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