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How Missouri’s New Law on Solar Panels Impacts Homeowners Associations

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One of the primary goals of any homeowners association is to protect the property values of its members, but this can mean wide-ranging restrictions, such as abnormal paint colors, unauthorized additions, or even a solar system installation. As of January 1, 2023, however, HOAs in Missouri must follow new rules on solar panel installations, and this could prove beneficial for anyone who has considered solar previously but was not allowed to proceed due to HOA restrictions.

Why Solar Energy Is Beneficial

Installing a solar system can be an easy way to reduce your long-term energy costs while maximizing your energy independence and helping the environment. A well-designed solar system can generate all the power your home needs during the day while sending any excess to the utility company. That can offset the costs of using power at night or during cloudy days, and any extra power that is produced can earn you credits on your utility bill. Coupled with a solar battery backup, you can enjoy reliable power anytime the utility grid is down due to accidents or maintenance issues.

The Effects of the New Law on Your Missouri Home

In the past, Missouri HOAs could prevent homeowners from installing solar panels due to concerns about their appearance or the lack of uniformity within a neighborhood. But with Missouri’s new solar panel law for HOAs in full effect, they can no longer forbid homeowners from installing rooftop solar. They can still prevent the installation of ground-mounted solar arrays, and other aspects of the system may be subject to restrictions, but the new law allows all residents of HOAs to take advantage of cost-effective, reliable solar power. The law does not apply to condominium associations or residential cooperatives, however, allowing these organizations to continue restricting solar installations.

Installing Solar Panels in Missouri

Installing solar for your Missouri home has never been easier or more cost-effective. The prices of solar panels continue to fall year after year, and with valuable local, state, and federal tax incentives and rebates, the initial costs can be reduced significantly. For example, the federal investment tax credit can allow you to earn a credit equal to as much as 30% of the installed cost of your solar system. Plus, with Missouri’s net metering policies, you can earn credits for any extra power you produce.

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If you are considering solar for your Missouri home, talk to our experts at Solera Energy. We can design and install a solar system that is tailored to your electrical needs and budget, plus we can work with you to find the best rebates and incentives to help you save money. Our company has been installing industry-leading, high-performance solar systems in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas for over a decade. We offer unsurpassed excellence, integrity, and attention to detail, and we provide superior quality and workmanship with every solar installation.

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