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The first to bring solar energy to Missouri 12 years ago, Solera Energy, in association with Garner Solar, is the state’s leading solar energy provider. Solar power not only provides a reliable power source year-round but also lowers your monthly energy bills. 

At Solera Energy, customer service is our top priority. We will customize your project to your budget and your family’s needs. With our team’s commitment to keeping you updated, your transition to solar energy will be organized and stress-free.

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Residential Solar Power in Mexico, MO

With Solera Energy, you could decrease that amount significantly — even to the point that you owe nothing. Additionally, a home powered by solar energy will increase your property value in the long run. 

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

By investing in Solera Energy’s power, you can lower your annual costs without losing focus on your business’s priorities. Furthermore, what business couldn’t benefit from a more reliable power source all year long?

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Utility-Scale Solar Power

We will meet the utility-scale solar power needs of Mexico, MO, to deliver a plant that generates reliable electricity. Utility-scale solar energy provides a safe and affordable energy alternative, which is especially beneficial during peak seasons.

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Mexico, MO Energy Storage Services

Energy storage is an essential aspect of solar power, but with Solera Energy, it’s not a complicated one. We offer a wide range of energy storage and backup power options. You’ll find our backup power options are much quieter and efficient than the traditional generator. 

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Why Choose Solera Energy?

We care about the experience our customers have at every stage of the process. As Missouri’s solar energy leader, Solera Energy is here to answer any questions you may have about your family’s or business’s transition to solar power. 

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