Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Solar Panel Installation & Solar Energy in Saint Joseph, MO

Missouri’s Leader in Solar Energy

It’s no secret that energy costs are rising, leaving homeowners and business owners wondering if there’s anything they can do to make powering their property more affordable. Luckily, with Solera Energy, there is. For more than a decade, we have led the region in installing and maintaining affordable solar panel systems and energy storage solutions. If you’re ready to make the transition to solar, we’re here to help.

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Save Money by Investing in Solar in Saint Joseph, MO

On average, Saint Joseph residents spend 15% more on energy than other areas in the state. Paired with its abundant sunshine, this makes Saint Joseph an ideal place to reap the benefits of solar power. Not only can you significantly lower your monthly energy costs, but you’ll also be increasing the value of your home. Other aspects to consider when thinking about solar include the following:

  • Missouri’s average annual sunshine totals more than 200 days of sunshine
  • Federal Tax Credit and state incentives can decrease your installation costs
  • Missouri’s electricity costs are quickly rising, making it a good time to switch to solar power
  • For new systems that are operational before December 31, 2023, there will be a 25-cent-per-watt rebate available

Going Solar With Solera

Solar panels on the roof of modern home

Our installation process is simple and straightforward, making the transition to solar power simple for all our customers. First, our team of designers will engineer a plan for your solar system that is unique to your home’s needs. From there, we will handle local permits and your net metering approval. After that, we will schedule an installation day that works with your schedule. Then, there’s just the final documentation to submit to your utility provider, and your system will be officially powered on! After your system is active, we will get your monitoring system setup and will continue to be a resource to you if you need anything.

Take the leap into solar with Solera Energy. Get started by calling us at (855) 650-7404, or you can contact us online.

Solar Energy Storage & Backup Power

An important step in becoming truly energy independent is setting up your energy storage solutions. This will give you the power to save and fully utilize all the energy you’re generating with your panels. Solera Energy uses both solar batteries and Generac generators to create a backup power system should your energy ever go out.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power in St. Joseph, MO

Solar panels at the top of the building. Solar modules on a flat roof.

As energy costs rise, it’s not just homeowners that are concerned. More and more businesses are turning to solar energy to reduce costs and increase their bottom line. Solera Energy is here for all your commercial and industrial property solar needs!

Trust Solera Energy With Your Transition to Solar

Our expert team is here for all your solar needs in Saint Joseph. Not only do we strive to bring you the best customer service in the state, but you can also trust that our products are reliable and high-performing. When you choose Solera Energy, you get the top name in solar energy in Missouri!

Trust Solera Energy with your transition to solar. Call us at (855) 650-7404 or contact us online.

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