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For over 10 years, Solera Energy, LLC has provided cutting-edge solar power solutions to Columbia, MO, and the surrounding areas. Living up to the values of the “Show-Me State,” we provide solar energy to more homes in the region than every other company in the state combined.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your environmental impact and save money on your electric bill or an executive who wants to modernize your commercial property, we have a solution that fits your needs.

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Residential Solar Power – Panels, Batteries & Generators

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The average homeowner in Columbia, MO, spends around $105 on electricity a month. Imagine paying half that, or even paying $0 some months on electricity, all while increasing the value of your property and being part of the environmental solution.

That’s what residential solar power can do for you. By harnessing the sun’s power and creating your own power source, you will save money over time, all while reaping the same return on investment as a kitchen remodel.

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Are Solar Panels Right for Your Columbia-Area Home?

Solar panel technology has never been better. Cleaner, renewable energy isn’t just a smart energy investment; it’s responsible household management. The benefits of investing in residential solar power are impressive. Solar energy lowers your electric bills, increases your property value, gives your roof an extra barrier of protection, offers you a robust tax break, and employs an energy source that never runs out. The demand for solar power solutions has now made them more affordable for homeowners across the country. 

Missouri Solar Panel Statistics

According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri is one of the best places in the world for solar panel systems. Consider the following statistics: 

  • Missouri has more than 200 sunny days per year for an average of 0.5 to 5.0 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day. Missouri’s solar resources surpass Germany’s, which leads the world in solar energy production on less than 3.0 kWh per square meter per day.
  • The cost of electricity in Missouri has risen recently to $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, making the need for renewable energy sources more critical. 
  • A 25 cent per watt rebate will be available for systems that become operational after June 30, 2019, through December 31, 2023.
  • Three of the leading utilities in Missouri provide a $500/kW rebate, and a 26% federal tax credit means you get back nearly a third of your investment in less than a year.
  • Solar increases home value by nearly $12,000, but your property tax stays the same.

Costs & Savings for a 5 kW PV System in Missouri

The average upfront price of the residential PV system in Missouri is about $19,000. Deduct about $2,500 from that price from the rebate from local utility companies, and apply the 26% federal tax credit ($4,940), and your net cost is approximately $11,560. Remember that your PV system will instantly start building savings, roughly $750 the first year. Net expenses over the first year are reduced to only $10,800 — a competitive price for a 5 kW system.

Homeowners can expect a payback period of about 13 years on their investment and 12 years of free energy, meaning that you will enjoy a net profit of $17,500 over 25 years.

Energy Storage Services

Most of the world’s creatures prepare for the uncertain future. Bears put on weight, and squirrels gather nuts for the winter. Wise people store solar energy. Solera Energy, LLC offers many innovative energy storage and backup power services that are cleaner (and quieter) than your average generator.

Contact our team to learn more about how to build off-grid functionality.generac solar home generator

Save Money With Solar Batteries & Generac Generators

Solar batteries provide the opportunity to protect your home and family from outages, as well as utility rate increases. You can also help offset overnight usage with a solar battery system. Solar batteries offer peace of mind in three critical ways:

  • They can offset increases and demand charges from the utility by using your batteries during peak loads.
  • In case of power outages, batteries can provide the backup power you and your family need to live in comfort while the rest of the neighborhood is without.
  • Using your batteries at night will reduce or eliminate the need to draw power from the utility company.

With generator backup power, the next big storm or blackout doesn’t have to ruin your day or even be disruptive. Our customers report these critical generator benefits:  

  • Generators turn on automatically, providing a seamless solution to a power interruption that doesn’t require you to play around with heavy machinery in the dark.
  • Generators come in multiple sizes and capacity limits, and they allow you to power the appliances you need for the necessary amount of time.
  • Generators run on readily available natural gas, making it easy to stock up on fuel.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

The debate about how to view American businesses and their effects on the country is as old as the country itself, and reasonable people come down on both sides, especially when it comes to environmental impact.

Solera Energy, LLC understands that many businesses in Columbia, MO, want to use clean, renewable energy that contributes to environmental wellness and creates jobs. Leveraging solar power will save you money, increase the value of your assets, and put you firmly in the “good businessperson” camp.

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Utility-Scale Solar Power

Utility-scale solar energy involves building a facility that generates solar power and transfers it to the power grid. This supplements the legacy utility source’s energy and increases its capacity and reliability. Solera Energy, LLC can meet Columbia, MO’s utility-scale solar power needs with a state-of-the-art plant. Utility-scale solar energy provides an affordable, safe, clean, and renewable energy alternative to consumers and will help relieve the pressure of peak energy demand periods.

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Why Go Solera?

Solera Energy, LLC leads the solar power industry and implements unparalleled solar energy solutions for Columbia, MO. We lead an incredible team of electrical engineers, project managers, finance professionals, and other industry experts who have proven as reliable as the sun itself.

We will work first to understand your goals. Then we’ll implement our proprietary assessment process to devise a completely custom, controlled-by-you solar energy solution.

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