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Residential, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Power + Energy Storage

Are you exploring ways to harness the sun’s energy and reap the rewards? All you need is the right provider to guide your switch to solar. Then, big-time energy savings and environmental benefits can be yours.

Solera Energy, LLC was the first company to bring solar power to Missouri. With 12 years of experience, we remain as committed as ever to bringing clean, renewable energy to our customers in Ozark. Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to save on your energy bills or a CEO looking to further your company’s sustainability program, we can help.

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Residential Solar Power in Ozark

The team at Solera Energy thrives on helping homeowners increase the efficiency and affordability of their homes. Our customers see our passion, which is one reason why we have completed more solar panel installations than all our competitors combined.

Harness the power of the sun, and your wallet will thank you. By installing photovoltaic panels on your roof, you can slash your $108-per-month energy bill in half—or more! Ozark has an average of five peak hours of sunlight per day, making it easy to maximize your solar investment.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power for Companies in Ozark

Switching to solar energy is a viable option for businesses looking to reduce operating costs and increase property value. Customers also pick up on sustainability efforts, increasing your profit potential. Net metering is yet another benefit of solar power for businesses, allowing you to sell any excess energy your panels generate to the grid and lower your utility bills even more. Team up with Solera Energy to optimize your return on investment and achieve your financial goals!

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Utility-Scale Solar Power in Ozark, MO

An increasing number of consumers recognize the value of clean, renewable solar energy. When compared to traditionally generated electricity, solar power is more affordable and better for the environment. With a properly designed solar power plant, every utility customer can escape high electric costs during peak demand. Solera Energy has the resources and expertise to build a utility-scale solar installation in Ozark, providing you with some of the cleanest, most cost-effective energy on the planet.

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Ozark Energy Storage & Backup Power

Unexpected power outages can strike at almost any time. Are you prepared for the electricity to go out? With battery backup storage for your solar panels or a natural gas-powered generator, you’ll keep the lights on even as your neighbors’ homes go dark. Solar batteries also help to offset your nighttime electricity usage to lower your utility rates.

Solera Energy can meet your energy storage and backup power needs. Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 346-2009 to learn more.

Why Choose Solera Energy?

Not all solar panel companies are created equal. At Solera Energy, our number one priority is introducing you to technology that can save you money and even change your life. Over the years, we have become Missouri’s undisputed solar energy leader. We’re ready to discuss your financial, production, and energy goals with you. Then, using our proprietary assessment process, we’ll craft a customized solar energy solution to meet those goals.

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