Solar PV panel systems in a field for commercial applications
Solar PV panel systems for commercial and industrial applications

Berryville Solar Panel Installation & Solar Energy

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In today’s financial and energy climate, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy! Solera has provided innovative solar power solutions in Berryville and the surrounding areas of Arkansas since 2004. We are proud to say we have brought more homes and businesses energy solutions than any other provider operating within Northwest Arkansas. Solera Energy is the leading provider of solar energy solutions, dedicated to offering you state-of-the-art products and unparalleled customer service. 

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How Berryville Homeowners Can Save By Going Solar

residential solar panels

Consider that the average homeowner in Berryville, AR, spends approximately $104 on their monthly electricity bill. Now consider reducing that amount by 50% or eliminating it, all while adding value to your home and helping the environment. Sounds impossible? With the power of solar energy systems, it is within your reach!

Arkansas Solar Panel Statistics

  • Solar prices have fallen 43% over the last five years. 
  • There has been enough solar installed to power 43,550 homes
  • Annually, Arkansas receives an average amount of sunlight equivalent to four and a half to five peak sun hours per day. You can expect to get up to 5 kWh of electricity per day for every kilowatt of solar panels you install.
  • Arkansas has a favorable net metering policy. The absolute price of any kWh you export to the grid becomes a credit on the next month’s bill.
  • Homeowners will experience seven years of free energy once the system has paid for itself.
  • Homeowners can gain $9,000 in net savings over the total lifetime of the solar PV array!

So, what’s the cost of installing solar panels in Berryville?

The average upfront price of the residential PV system in Arkansas is about $21,000. Applying the 26% federal solar tax credit deducts about $5,500 from that initial price, bringing it to about $14,700. But considering that you save over $600 per year, your net costs for the first year are about $15,500.

Homeowners can expect to receive a return on their investment in around 18 years. But before this, your property will also increase in value, as will your net worth. The payback period is extended because Arkansas has exceptionally low electricity prices — 10 cents per kWh on average.

Lower your monthly energy costs and produce your solar energy with our high-tech solar energy solutions. Contact Solera Energy at (855) 650-7404 today to learn more about the financial benefits of going solar. 

Solar Energy Storage & Batteries

In addition to the energy savings from solar panels, when you work with Solera, you can benefit from energy storage solutions. With the right system in place, you can store the solar energy you harvest with your solar panels. Solar batteries and Generac generators provide backup power sources to tap if the energy goes out. We can also help you create off-grid functionality for your home, so you don’t have to rely on electric companies.

Solar batteries are one solution. These systems offset increased demand from your utility provider when you have peak load times. They also provide backup power when the power goes out.

Generator backup power with a Generac generator can kick in automatically whenever there is an interruption to power. You never have to worry about power outages when a solar-powered generator is in place.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

The production and distribution of clean, renewable energy is the future in Arkansas. Solera Energy will help you tap into solar power to save money while improving your business’s environmental footprint for years ahead! As one of the leading states in renewable energy technology, Arkansas is setting the pace in the solar power race. Let our company help your business utilize clean, sustainable sources that support our environment.

Aerial view of solar panel farm

Berryville’s utility-scale power needs can be met with a solar plant designed to generate sufficient electricity to meet community needs. The benefits of a community solar power plant in Berryville are far-reaching. Experience clean, renewable energy at a cost point that fits every budget and meets the needs of peak-power seasons (summer and winter).

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Solera has been serving Berryville and Northwest Arkansas homeowners and businesses with solar panel installation and solar energy services for over a decade. We have the proper knowledge and dedication to the quality customer service you need and want when tackling this job.

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