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There are many benefits of switching to solar energy in Eureka Springs, AR. When you go solar, you benefit from genuinely owning your power and experiencing significant cost savings along the way. 

 Eureka Springs Residential Solar Power


By allowing our trusted team of professionals to guide you through the solar power installation process, you can begin to take your first steps toward saving money and becoming more self-reliant at the same time.

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 Why Install Solar Panels on Your Home?

There are several reasons to consider installing solar panels on your Eureka Springs, AR, home, including:

  • Solar prices have seen a reduction of 43% over the last five years
  • Homeowners and small-business owners will receive $9,000 in net savings over the total lifetime of the solar power system after installation
  • Those who install solar energy systems will receive seven years of free energy after the system has successfully paid for itself

Keep the Power on With Solar Generators & Batteries

Another significant advantage of installing a solar power system within your home or business is that the power source is much more stable than traditional power lines. This means that if a storm or other severe weather event occurs, your home’s or business’s electrical needs will still be met.

Contact our team today for more information on our Residential Generac PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System and how one of these systems can more effectively power and protect your home.

Solar Energy for Your Eureka Springs Business

The benefits of solar energy do not solely extend to homeowners in Eureka Springs. Business owners can also take advantage of installing a solar power system.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

Solera Energy offers business owners the opportunity to become energy independent and invest in building a long-term asset that will only appreciate with time. Contact our friendly experts to learn more about how we can help you own your power and cut electrical costs. 

Solera Is Northwest Arkansas’s Leader in Utility-Scale Solar Power

Solera Energy is proud to offer utility-scale solutions to towns or cities that may be interested in integrating solar energy into the area’s larger energy plan. 

Learn more about how Solera Energy can assist with this transition by calling (866) 346-2009.

Why Go Solera? 

Solera Energy combines decades of experience and superior customer service. We have established ourselves as an industry leader in providing solar power to residents and small-business owners of Northwest Arkansas, no matter the scale of the project.

Reach out to us about solar energy solutions for your Eureka Springs home or business by contacting us online or calling us at (866) 346-2009.  

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